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Web review - 21/02/2014

Facebook already 10 years … of dramatic turns of events every day

It was said in decline. The societal phenomenon created 10 years ago by Mark Zuckerberg lauches a daily surprise on all the fronts. As this February 20th, 2014 with the buyout suprise of the application WhatsApp, for the 19 billion dollar phenomenal amount. For what purpose? To weigh more in the life of these members. 10 years is only the beginning.


Facebook Quiets Skeptics With Audience Growth and Mobile Money

Investors in Facebook who were anxious about a possible slackening in the social network’s membership growth can stop worrying. The company says 170 million new users joined the service over the last year, bringing its total to 1.23 billion active monthly users around the world.

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He Wanted A Job; Facebook Said No -- In A $3 Billion Mistake

In 2009, Brian Acton, a jobless software engineer despite a dozen years of experience  got turned down by Twitter and Facebook. Today, those snubs are looking like a pair of $3 billion mistakes.

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Facebook : after the "neknominations", you will love the "smartnominations"

Good news. The social networks do not only convey silly games, the "smartnominations" aims at helping the needy people, but not only that... Explanations.

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Facebook games on the decline? No one told that to Pretty Simple games, crowned Game of the year 2013 on Facebook

Criminal Case is a hidden object game created by Pretty Simple fa rench editor on Facebook. It has recently surpassed 100 million users, an impressive figure for a social game, and sits currently  at about 6 million daily active users.

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10 leads to think the digital culture

When we cross podcasts and conferences around the question of the links between culture and digital technology of the past year, what can we say about the following problem: have we the necessary backward experience to define digital  culture or cultures ?

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