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The pegman coin

What’s new with crowdfunding and big data? a new currency, the Peg coin.

While Amazon launches its own currency, the Amazon coin, the Microtruc collective is also launching a new currency: the Pegman coin. The Pegman coin, or Peg coin, is an alternative exchange currency.

The Pegman coin comes in the shape of a little metal man, inspired by the Pegman on Google Street View. Just like Google’s Pegman, he will travel around the world. the Microtruc collective has tought the peg coin as a real exchange currency. For the launch, 5 French baguettes will be equal to 1 Pegman coin.

The Peg coin is a way of thumbing our nose at all big companies taking control of the digital economy.

Represented by a little man, the Peg coin reminds us that the digital world, sometimes perceived as dematerialized, has a big influence on the real lives of people. This symbol is ours and we wish of the Internet and circulating it among good hands is a way of elevating our everyday lives beyond the digital cash cow.

The currency will be launched during an exhibition in Paris: more than 1,500 Pegman coins will be exhibited and circulated. All Pegman coins have numbers.


To collect them (5 euros for a Peg coin)