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Launch of the #FA2012

How to follow the fifth edition of the Forum d'Avignon, the full programm and all the speakers...

The fifth edition of the Forum d’Avignon will be held from Thursday, November 15 to Saturday, November 17. The theme “Culture, reasons to hope”, will oppose the fertile links between culture, economy and society to the ambient pessimism.

Since 2008, the Forum d’Avignon has been aiming at deepening the links between the worlds of culture and economy by proposing reflection tracks at the international, European and local level. Created after the ratification of the UNESCO convention on cultural diversity and supported by the Ministry of culture and communication, the Forum d’Avignon organizes every year, with its partners, international meetings which are the occasion of exclusive debates between the actors of culture, creative industries, economy and media.

For the 2012 edition, the theme of the Forum d’Avignon will be “Culture, reasons to hope”. It will highlight the role of imagination, social cohesion and transmission in a time of perceived time acceleration. New ways of reflection open on the fabric of culture and tomorrow’s jobs, the discovery of exemplary initiatives, cultural practices and federative territorial dynamics.


How to follow the #FA2012?

For its fifth edition, the Forum d’Avignon implements a system to allow you to follow the exchanges from home.

  • On video: every session (except the session at the university of Avignon) will be broadcasted online and on free streaming.
  • On twitter: hashtag #FA2012
  • On the website of the Forum d’Avignon: discover every day during the Forum the studies, the summaries of the sessions, the point of view of bloggers and journalists and the pictures of the Forum d’Avignon 2012.

The program

On Thursday, November 15, the Lab of the Forum d’Avignon will open the event and highlight exclusive cultural innovations, based on the meeting of culture and technology; then the first debate will take place around the theme “Imagining culture, creation and creators”.

The day of Friday, November 16 will be divided in three parts. Diverse actors, stemming from the worlds of economy, politics or culture, will expose their reasons to hope for culture. Then, the second debate of the day, “The Fabric of culture”, will react to the study “Seven years: the age of reason? 2005-2012: reasons to hope in a digital era”, carried out by Bain&Co for the forum d’Avignon. Finally, the session at the university of Avignon will examine the question of the digital generations and culture.

On Saturday, Novembre 17, the last debate will be about “Organizing time: memory and transmission in a connected world” and will be based on a study produced by Ernst&Young for the Forum d’Avignon and entitled “Mastering tempo - Creating long-term value amidst accelerating demand”.

See the whole program.


The speakers

The Forum d’Avignon let many personalities from the worlds of economy, culture and politics wpeak. Among the speakers, we find Nabil Ayouch, Elie Barnavi, Françoise Benhamou, Caroline Champion, Mircea Cantor, Jean-François Colosimo, Rick Cotton, Richard David Precht, Régis Debray, Fabrice Di Falco, Youssou N’Dour, Kitsou Dubois, Aurélie Filippetti, Barbara Hendricks, Jaromil, Pierre Lescure, Mourad Merzouki, Hector Obalk, Didier Reynders, Stéphane Richard, Nicolas Seydoux, Dominique Wolton, Zahia Ziouani

The students of the Avignon university and of the partner universities will take part actively in all the debates and in particular at the session at the university.

The cartoonists from Cartooning For Peace will sketch the debates and exchanges during the  three days.

Etienne de Crécy will perform a free concert at the Opéra-Théâtre d’Avignon on the Friday night.


To go further …

Until Thursday, you can already read the reasons to hope of many personalities such as Eric Serra, Peter Howard, Philippe Le Guay, Rémy Pflimlin, Emesha, Radu Mihaileanu, Françoise BenhamouFrédéric Filloux, Pascale Thumerelle, Robin Hughes, Liza Donnelly, Tom Dey, Sana Ghenima, Tishani Doshi, Véronique Morali, Deborah Carter