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Imagining new ways to promote equality and dialogue through culture, by Sana Ghenima

Imagining new ways to promote equality and dialogue through culture

Does culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope?

Culture is a big hope for us especially given the nowadays conditions. Cultural diversity, sharing with other cultures and adopting a constructive behavior towards other visions could really help overcoming the conflicts, such as the ones shaking the post revolutionary Tunisia.

Who embodies it the best?

All forms of art embody it, from cinema to theatre and dance. Cultural debates allowing discussions between groups or individuals are also positive ways of concretizing such reasons to hope.

What would be the personal initiative / project / work that embodies your reason for hope?

In our field of action, as the Women & Leadership association, we are producing 2 short films: a documentary and a fiction regarding Women at work place. We consider that autonomy and leadership at all levels must go through work and financial independence. We chose to focus on these aspects to give visibility to women skills in all fields of actions.

How would you like to pass it on to future generations?

New generations must be highly impacted by the cultural aspects and actions, simply because of all the things they defend and all the progress they foster in many areas. Foundations are critical to ensure we preserve what we do, and improve and develop what we need to build.