Culture, reasons to hope

Revolutionary or ambitious project, emotion stemming from a work of art or from a helping hand, trust in the human being of in a reasonable utopia…: they are numerous and invigorating, the reasons to hope that almost a hundred of international personalities from the worlds of culture, economy and media accepted to confide to the Forum d’Avignon. And it is not over, others will come, surprise us and show the vitality of creation.


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Does culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope? Man lives in hope and dies in hope. The blunt truth is this that there is no oasis yonder, the...
Creation is my oxygen. I even think that artistic creation enables me to liberate lots of things. With drawings, I take my revenge and I also avenge the...
Our societies are in such a despair, a constriction and sclerosis that the freedom of the artistic gesture takes all its place and its obviousness. In a...
Does culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope? In my work, I am permanently unsatisfied. But I am always optimistic and in anticipation....