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« Culture is the rule, art is the exception” , by Hervé Digne


“Culture is the rule, art is the exception” Jean-Luc Godard

Is there really an alternative? Since the end of the big collective stories, culture is the ultimate hope. Because believe in culture is believe in the man ! Culture is a humanism which illustrates the universal character of humanity, irrespective of nationality or time.

But believe in the power of art works comes less under eschatology than under Pascalian bet. After Auschwitz, no one can believe that culture is a defense protecting humanity. So, imagine that the digital access to intellectual works brings hope can seem wild. Though, we must hang on to that hope, like the Renaissance sailors hung on to their compass, more than to old maps and myths.

It is also necessary to explain and convince, massively banking on education. With education, culture is an enduring right. To recognize it consists in revitalizing in a new sense the sustainable development, and transform it into a harmonious development of men in their environment. It is relegating culture to an aesthetics, or a leisure activity.

And even if the economic perspective of the cultural virtues is a pedagogy essential to its financing, it can not explain it. Culture has an implacable part of mystery which is art. We must accept to not immediately understand and to make creation easier, when it arises.  The digital will maybe pollinate artistic pockets, but there is no progress in art and it will also be low tech practices. One thing is certain : art, in its avant-garde element, which lays bridges above generations, is a form of resistance to the time. Art, like moss, grow in our societies’ crevices, attaching itself momentarily to open and benevolent territories, in the shade of the prevailing speech.  This belief in art is the steadiest reason to hope in culture.