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Contribution : " Arte Live Web becomes Arte Concert " by Julie Lafitte

In February 2014, the numerical platform dedicated to live broadcasts, Arte Live Web, changed its appearance, and its name. Let us take another look at this transformation, from the “Arte Live Web” chrysalis to the “Arte Concert” butterfly.

It only took Arte Live Web a few hours to disappear from search results. Its twitter account closed and renamed “ex-Arte Live Web”, redirected us to the new website. The change announcement sparked concern over twitter users. Does it mean that “Arte Concert” will change its programme? Not at all. In spite of that reworking, the website kept its editorial line and improved it. The users will certainly also benefit from a well-organized, more beautiful, and altogether better interface

An English name for a Franco-German website

“Concert, which you will pronounce in English, please… as a European channel we have to give up our sacrosanct franco-german language sometimes.” Those few lines are extracted from the press release of Arte Concert, published in February 8, 2014. The word “Concert” may be defined as a musical event and the joint action: that double-meaning reflects both content and spirit of the platform, which proposes to get together around a live streaming. Arte Concert remains an important showcase for performing arts, thanks to an offer of 600 shows over a year, and 300 live broadcasts.

Some news features for a new website

Arte Concert was created in 2009. The website proposes free live broadcasts postponed during a few months. The best of performing arts in its greatest diversity: rock, pop music, jazz, opera, world music… Arte channel enhances its bi-media strategy with Arte Concert, and broadcasts available in television and internet, but also in smartphones and digital tablets. With the restructuring of the website, users can find their favourite concerts more easily, thanks to selections and collections and sort by theme. The new player increases the quality of the videos. That will certainly delight the increasing public of the eclectic Arte Concerts website.

Julie Lafitte, Master 1 PCC Université d'Avignon

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