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Always further - Culture and employment: key figures

Figures in France

- Cultural jobs in 2007 : 540 899.

- Cultural industries (as defined by the DEPS) : 305 647 (press, audiovisual, audiovisual retail trade, and architecture activities), figure which it can be added the publishing industry to 49 918 jobs 

Source: DEPS, key figures of culture 2011


Figures in Europe

- Creative and culture industries in Europe 2004 : 5.8 million people worked in the sector, equivalent to, 3.1% of total employed population in EU25 (KEA study for the European Commission, 2006).

- « The employment in culture represents 2,5% in EU », Eurostat 2004

- « There are, in Europe, 1,4 million of small and medium firms in the field of creation or knowledge, field that represents about 3% of employment in EU (we are talking about almost 7 million jobs!). Especially the sectors of creation relying on copyright (including the production of software and databases, books and press publishing, music and movie industry) which embody 3.3% of our GDP. » Speech of Michel Barnier, 2011, September the 22nd


Figures in Canada

- Culture’s significant economic contribution in Canada was CDN$40 Billion (2002) or 3.8% of Canada’s GDP.

- Culture directly employs about 600,000 Canadians, or about 3.8% of workforce.

- Culture goods and services exports total CDN$4.6 Billion; cultural imports ~$7 Billion.

Sources: Statistics Canada cultural goods and services data tables; Economic Contribution of Culture in Canada. 

Figures in Spain

- Cultural consumption of Spanish people : 15, 631.9 billions of euros  (2010),

- Culture employs directly 508 700 of Spanish

- Cultural goods and services exports total 865 millions euros ;cultural imports: 712 millions euros.

Source: Mininstry of culture, Spain

Figures in United Kingdom

 - Creative industries contributed 2.9% of the UK’s Gross Value Added in 2009, this is an increase from 2.8% in 2008

- 1.5 million people are employed in the creative industries or in creative roles in other industries, 5.1% of the UK’s employment

- Exports of services by the creative industries accounted for 10.6% of the UK’s exports of services

- There were an estimated 106,700 businesses in the creative industries in 2011, this represents 5.1% of all companies on the IDBR

Sources : Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR), Ministry of culture, media and sports in UK