What is the Forum d’Avignon?

Founded in 2007, the Forum d’Avignon, led by Laure Kaltenbach, Managing Director, is a think tank and a place for encounter and dialogue for the cultural and creative sectors and to promote exchanges with economic and digital fields.

As the only public outlet in Europe for cultural and creative professionals, the Forum d’Avignon wishes to share and appreciate the triple nature of culture: artistic, social and economic.

Every year, relying on a global network of creators, entrepreneurs, academic scholars and public decision-makers and more than thirty public and private partners, thousand international personalities from 40 countries as well as students from fifteen European schools and universities join our proposals and events all year long, such as the annual International Meetings.

Since 2011, the Forum has grown beyond France, in Germany (Forum d’Avignon Ruhr) and in Spain (Forum d’Avignon Bilbao).