Who is Jean-Jacques Annaud?

Jean-Jacques Annaud

Film Director

A graduate of France’s Louis Lumière and the Institute of Cinematography (now FEMIS), Jean-Jacques Annaud also pursued Greek and History studies at the Sorbonne. After directing more than 100 advertising films and winning several awards, he directed his first full length feature film in 1976, Black and White in Color which received an Oscar for best foreign film. In 1981 he signed his first international success, The Qwest for Fire, winning two César’s for best movie and director.  In 1986, The Name of the Rose won the César for the best foreign film, as well as the Donatello and award for best German film. In 1988, The Bear was a box-office success, and won several awards including the César for best director. In 1991, The Lover, won a Japanese film critic award for best director and best movie. In 1997, Seven Years in Tibet won the Dutch grand movie award for best art film in Germany. In 2001, he directed Stalingradwhich reaped the best American box-office scores. In 2004, Two Brothers won the Genesis Award. In 2007, Jean-Jacques Annaud signed His Minor Majesty. He has received a number of awards: Knight of the Academic Palm and Social merit, Commander of Arts and Letters and the Cesar for best filmed advertisement (1985), the French Academy Prize and the National Grand Prize of Cinema. Jean-Jacques Annaud is also a member of the Institute of France.

Jean-Jacques Annaud is a member of the Board of the Forum d'Avignon since its creation.