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WHO IS … Christophe Ono-Dit-Biot ?

Holder of a litterature agrégation, he is Deputy Director of the editorial offices of the weekly newspapers Le Point where he is in charge of the section Culture and Tendencies, fields he has also explored for the television, on Canal+ and then France2.

Writer, he is the author of four novels: Désagrégé(e) (Plon, then Pochet, 2000, La Rochefoucauld award), Interdit à toute femme et à toute femelle (Plon, then Pocket, 2002), Génération spontanée (Plon, then Pocket, 2004 Award of the Foundation Bleustein-Blanchet) and Birmane (Plon, then Pocket), Interallié Award 2007.

He published in October 2011 Ciels d’orage (Flammarion), a book of interviews with the author-cartoonist and cineaste Enki Bilal. He is also the co-writer of a documentary, Cannes confidentiel, behind the scene of the Cannes Festival (France2, 2009), has the literary spot of France Info, and participates in the weekly political program of BFM, presented by Olivier Mazerolle, where he interviews the political personalities of today and tomorrow.

The possibilities opened by the digital fascinate him. In 1995, as the same time as his literary studies, he worked in the field of the internet, which was developing in France, launched websites destined to show the potentiality of this new media and published online on a daily basis, under the title Le Journal de l’énervé, his ex-time journal, story of his days and nights, like a blog.