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WHO IS … Jaromil ?

Inspired by the “Libre Software” empowering ethics, Jaromil seeks to cross borders between art, code and social activism, often focusing on recycling of technology and its accessibility.

Jaromil, nom de plume for Denis Roio, was born south Italian in 1977. After leaving Italy to live in various European countries, in 2000 he started the software house, developing tools for online publishing and community building. Among his creations is also dyne:bolic, a GNU/Linux operating system recommended by the Free Software Foundation and several organizations worldwide.

Jaromil is also an active contributor to media theory discourses: he has led R&D activities in the Netherlands Media Art Institute for 6 years, was honored with the Vilém Flusser Award 2009 in Transmediale Berlin and is currently a Ph.D. candidate of the M-Node, Planetary Collegium.

Jaromil tries to overcome existing restrictions and borders, whether economic, social or scientific. Taking an alternative stance to 'profit and power' oriented apparatuses, he is strongly engaged in building networks as a means of sharing tools, choosing to view knowledge as a dialogical and non-hierarchical process.