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WHO IS … Etienne de Crécy ?

Etienne de Crécy is an essentiel actor of the international electronic scene. In twenty years of an upward career, the French producer, key figure of the French Touch, signed one of the major albums of the world’s electronic, under the pseudonym of Motorbass (with Philippe Zdar), and then with its own name (Super Discount 1, Tempovision, Super Discount 2). In 2012 Etienne de Crécy released a fascinating retrospective in five discs: My contribution to the Global Warming. Known for the diversity and efficiency of his productions, Etienne de Crécy is also a passionate DJ, well appreciated by the public, and his live concerts, with his giant structure Beats N’Cubes have conquered the five continents.  


To know more about Etienne de Crécy, discover his website.