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WHO IS … Pierre Lescure ?

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the theater Marigny, in Paris, Pierre Lescure is awarded a diploma by the Training center of the journalists (CFJ). As organizer, producer and journalist, he worked on RTL, RMC, Antenne 2 (The Children of the Rock and the manager of the editorial staff), Europe 1, before preparing with André Rousselet the launch in 1984 of the new pay channel Canal+. He will be the director, then the managing director in 1986. He became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the group Canal+ in 1994 and until 2002.

Pierre Lescure was named in producing 2008 and Chief Operating Officer of the theater Marigny where he succeeded Robert Hossein.

He was a member of the supervisory board of the company Le Monde, administrator of Thomson (2002-2010) and is always member of the "middle school of the persons qualified" as the Foundation Technicolor for the heritageof the cinema. He is an administrator of Havas, the Swiss group Kudelski and the Spanish company PrisaTV. He is a member of the supervisory board of the group Lagardère.