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WHO IS … Georges Sanerot ?

Georges Sanerot, born in 1951, is a holder of a master's degree in science of the communication (Paris).

In 1975, he founded the institute of qualitative studies WSA a managing director of which he becomes.
He entered Bayard in 1994 as director of Bayard Presse Jeune, then, in 1999 he became director of the department Bayard Jeunesse Plurimédia (press, edition). From 2000 till 2001 he was Chairman of the Management Board of Gallimard-Bayard Youth. In 2004, he was appointed vice-president of the Supervisory board of Milan. In 2005, he was appointed managing director, member of the Directory of the group. Since 2009, he is Chairman of the Management Board of the group Bayard. 


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