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WHO IS … Youssou N’Dour ?

Youssou NDOUR was born on October 1, 1959. He dedicated his life to the music despite the opposition of his father. Indeed, he was only 15 years old. Fostered by his mother Ndèye Sokhna Mboup, he worked hard and his voice established itself in Senegal. This influence got even bigger with the rise of his orchestra, Super Etoile, which traveled all around the world. the albums “Immigrés”, “Wommat” with the planetary hit “Seven Seconds”, “Egypte” and “Dakar Kingston” contributed to his success. Youssou NDOUR is not only a serious defender of the African cause, but also a citizen of the world who added his voice to other celebrities of Europe and America including: Peter Gabirle, Jacques Higelin, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, Wycleff Jean, Angélique Kidjo… He participated in musical tours for the defense of human rights, the women’s rights, the fight against some pandemics, including malaria.

He won in 2005 the Grammy Awards for the Best album of world music.

Enlisted singer, he organized in 1985 a concert of the liberation of Nelson Mandela at the stadium of Dakar. He also organized several concerts for the UNO and the UNICEF and was chose as Peace Ambassador of the International Labor Organization. In 2010, he was designated Doctor Honoris Causa by the Yale University.

The creation of many structures (music production companies) and of the foundation has its origins in his commitment in favor of development. The year 2011 was a turning point with the creation of “Fekkee MA Ci Boole”, a citizen movement. Youssou NDOUR shows its determination for the defense of his people’s interest and of republican principles: good governance and democracy.

In 2012, he announced his candidacy for the presidential election. In spite of the invalidation of the candidacy by the Constitutional Council, he kept on fighting with other political actors. His efforts were successful with the advent of the new regime. His nomination as Minister of Culture and Tourism constituted a significant step in his career.