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WHO IS … Kitsou Dubois ?

Kitsou Dubois is choregrapher, dance researcher and artistic director of Ki Productions.

In 1989, Kitsou Dubois received the prestigious grant « Villa Médicis hors-les-murs » from the French government, which took her to the NASA Center in Houston, Texas (USA). In 1990, she participated in a parabolic flight with the CNES (French Space Agency), which gave her her first experience in weightlessness.
In 1999, she received her doctorate in « Esthetic, sciences and technologies of arts » and she uses the phenomenon of weightlessness to explore relationship between arts, sciences and technologies.
She includes experiments in her process of creation and she works with dancers in altered gravity environments: in water (swimming pools), in parabolic flights, in virtual reality set up (sensorial sensors).
She has so far participated in at least 20 parabolic flights, in particular with the CNES (one with the Russian Space Agency and three with the European Space Agency). Over the years, she has been able to include on these flights about 15 dancers and acrobats working with her.
Her artistic work takes different forms: performances, video installations, creations « in-situ » and films.


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