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WHO IS … Michel Kichka ?

Born in Liège (Belgium) in 1954, Michel Kichka lives in Jerusalem since 1974. He has graduated in 1978 in Visual Communication from "Bezalel" Academy of Arts & Design Jerusalem, where he teaches illustration, comics and political cartoon. He is a Member of Cartooning for Peace. Married to Olivia Alfandari, he has 3 boys and 2 grand-daughters. Has published his first graphic novel in 2012: Second Generation- Things I never told my father, Dargaud Publishers, Paris.

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Michel Kichka accepted to answer to the international survey conducted by the Forum d’Avignon among 100 personalities of the world of culture about the “reasons to hope for culture” :

What is your reason to hope?

The love of life, of the human being, of art, of humor, of children, the fact that I am the son of a Shoah survivor, hope is vital.

Which initiative, work, personality embodies the best your reason to hope?

My press cartoons in general, carry smile, love and humor. My novel Second Generation talks about resiliency, rebuilding the self, it deals with the post-Shoah trauma with humor and compassion.


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