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Actu : Lundi 16 Juin

Discours d'ouverture d'Axel Ganz, Vice-président du Forum d'Avignon à l'occasion du Forum d'Avignon Ruhr le jeudi 12 juin (en anglais)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen !

Yesterday evening at the dinner speeches the key word was "passion". My very personal "passion" yesterday was to come here ! Due to the strike of trains and taxis in Paris it took me eight hours to arrive here. But I am here and I am happy! Unfortunately our president of the Forum d'Avignon, Nicolas Seydoux, was less lucky. He could not make it ! He apologizes and is sending to you it's warmest greetings! On behalf of Nicolas and the team of the Forum - present her: Laure Kaltenbach, our General Manager, Olivier Leguay and Valerie Escaudemaison - I want to express our highest pleasure to share with you these days of the Forum d'Avignon Ruhr.....!

But why are we here? Why this association between Avignon and Ruhr, ladies and gentlemen ? Let me tell you the story for all those among you who don't know : 4 years ago, Dieter Gorny, Reinhard Krämer and Bernd Fesel were attending the Forum in Avignon for the first time ... and obviously they became inspired to do something similar. But instead of doing it on their own - you : Dieter , Reinhard and Bernd - you decided to do it with us, and so we became partners - and the Forum within 4 years a real European project. Thank you! The particularity of the Forum d'Avignon? For the first time artists, private entrepreneurs and public authorities were discussing together - I underline "together" - topical and fundamental problems about culture, economy and media! In a second step the Forum was joined by the city of Bilbao with a remarkable meeting there in March of this year. And I know : there's more to come! I think, this is the right way to go to create a real and powerful European network for culture! And you all in this room are cordially invited to become active in this sense and become co-founders with us! I know there are Swedish, Slovene, German, Spanish participants here, and even our British friends - where is Charles Landry ? - are very welcome to join this European Think Tank! And why should this work? Simply, because we all share basically the same ideas! But if we succeed - and I know: we will! - this will be networking at its best! The subjects, themes and projects to deal with are as endless as important!

For example:

  • Creativity as a factor of growth and employment
  • Creativity to stimulate the territorial economies with an enormous potential potential of spillover to all segments of life and with a high degree of social cohesion. 

These are only two examples among many others but particular related to the themes of your forum: " There this no innovation without creativity - and no creativity without passion"! The passion! We have it! Not only for the ideas we share - but also to realize them! Due to my personal conviction that each idea is only as good as it's realization. The Forum d'Avignon has produced over the last years in cooperation with famous and competent research institutes a quite impressive number of reports to evaluate the necessary investments in this type of cultural projects - but also to measure the results! I think this is a convincing way to give to governments as well as to private investors concrete and pragmatic ideas to improve, to build and to finance projects for a better life for everyone! We are very proud to be a part of this process creating creative ideas and execute them with passion! And I'm sure that at the end of this meeting today there will be even many more fascinating ideas for new projects. Thank you!

Axel Ganz

Vice-président du Forum d'Avignon et éditeur-gérant