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Who is the society of audiovisual authors?

The Society of Audiovisual  Authors  represents 25 European collective management societies of audiovisual authors, that is to say more than 118,000 authors and filmmakers in 17 countries.  A White Paper has been published in February on audiovisual copyright and remuneration  in Europe, quoted by the European Commission, the World Intellectual Property Organization and UNESCO.

The White Paper focuses  especially on the organization of rights and compensation. Indeed, there is a lack of harmonization at European level on intellectual property rights. Depending on the country, there are large differences in wage rate. Even the definition of audiovisual artist varies depending on the country. The White Paper points out that "an audiovisual work is the product of the collaboration and creative input of a number of individuals. Based on the originality of their work, some of these individuals are recognized under national legislation as being authors, with intellectual property rights in either the complete work or their contribution to it". Since 1992, a directive recognizes the" principal director of a film or audiovisual work "as the author of the work throughout the EU but, according to the laws of the country can also be co-authors : music composers , writers, designers, editors, producers, directors of photography, etc..

Hereafter is a table summarizing the current legislation


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