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WHO IS … Sana Ghenima ?

Engineer in Industrial Engineering and entrepreneur in new technologies field for more than 20 years. Founder and CEO of Sanabil Med a digital publishing house created in 2004 in Tunisia, we are developing projects digital edutainment contents for all environments including mobile ones. Our mission is to create and shape the educational and cultural content in an inclusive approach by controlling new technologies for learning. Our constant challenge is to develop global programs targeting children from 3 to 12 years old, while preserving our identity and being on top of existing technologies. More than ever, the Tunisian revolution brought new challenges through the contents we publish: how to maintain and develop our modernity while remaining rooted in our Arab, Muslim, African and Mediterranean cultures. This implies that we should give more attention to any kind of educational and cultural content designed and developed for young people who will constitute the future generations.

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Sana accepted to answer to the international survey conducted by the Forum d’Avignon among 100 personalities of the world of culture about the “reasons to hope for culture”:

“Imagining new ways to promote equality and dialogue through culture”, by Sana Ghenima