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WHO IS … Pierre Lescure ?

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the theater Marigny, in Paris, Pierre Lescure is awarded a diploma by the Training center of the journalists (CFJ). As organizer, producer and journa­list, he worked on RTL, RMC, Antenne 2 (The Children of the Rock and the manager of the editorial staff), Europe 1, before preparing with André Rousselet the launch in 1984 of the new pay channel Canal+. He will be the director, then the managing director in 1986. He became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the group Canal+ in 1994 and until 2002.

Pierre Lescure was named in producing 2008 and Chief Operating Officer of the theater Marigny where he succeeded Robert Hossein.

He was a member of the supervisory board of the company Le Monde, administrator of Thomson (2002-2010) and is always member of the «middle school of the persons quali­fied» as the Foundation Technicolor for the heritageof the cinema. He is an administrator of Havas, the Swiss group Kudelski and the Spanish company PrisaTV. He is a member of the supervisory board of the group Lagardère.