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Who is Philippe Torres?

Philippe Torres runs since 2007, the Studies and Consulting Department of the Atelier, technological watch unit of BNP Paribas, whose principal activity has for over thirty years been to observe, analyze and experiment new practices related to information technologies. 

Within the workshop, the Studies and Consulting Department aims at analyzing the impact of these technologies on our world and value the studies by providing businesses  public organization consulting services. The main customers are the CAC 40 companies, all sectors combined, and the French administration.

Prior to this position, he worked for 17 years within the group holding many responsibilities within the different branches, functions of the group BNP Paribas, focusing on the introduction of new technologies in the Firm. His last three positions have been: Manager of the consulting department- Centre for Innovation and Technology - BNP Paribas; Strategic Analyst - Management Information Systems Group - BNP Paribas; strategic analyst in “venture capital” - Head of Development BNP Paribas.

Philippe Torres has participated in the different Atelir BNP PARIBAS studies for the Forum d’Avignon, notably "The impact of digital technology on the world of culture and the media", and the study of this year "referencing, prescription of cultural contents on the Internet". 


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Interview of Philippe Torres at the Forum d’Avignon 2010 

Intervention of Philippe Torres during the debate «Did technological innovation promote culture?» - Forum d’Avignon 2010