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Who is Paul Andreu ?

A graduate of Polytechnique, Paul Andreu is an architect and member of the Academy of Architecture. internationally renowned, he is considered as one of the greatest French architect. 

He notably built numerous airports such as the integrality of the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle installations and the Shanghai airport as well as the Osaka Maritime Museum, the Oriental Arts center of Shanghai or the Grand National Theater of China in Beijing. He received many awards and wrote several literary works.

Faithful to the Forum d'Avignon, he participated in the Forum d'Avignon 2009 debate «creating and innovating for a new world - beyond GDP : How can we integrate culture?» highlighting that : «i’m not saying how people are going to be made happy, but we need to try to see how we can make it possible for them to maybe find more hapiness and how this culture that we love so much, and that is real fundamental value to us can be made accessible to everyone, because there are some who cannot access it». He has been involved in the interview «artists’ voice» about intellectual property, giving his point of view reuse : «Any artist feeds on others, all the others: he or her takes (and must be free to do so) and transform (it is at least a moral obligation), he or her accepts and is proud that the works feed others.The world of ideas and art is a world of exchange and collective development. It is valued for all; we must protect it from looters.»


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