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Who is Neelie Kroes?

Neelie Kroes is a Dutch politician and businessperson. In 1971, she was elected to the lower house of parliament, where she became spokesperson for education. She remained a member of parliament until 1977, when she became junior minister of Transportation and Water Management in the First Van Agt Cabinet, responsible for Postal and Telephone Services and Transportation. In 1981 she briefly returned to the lower house of parliament, while her party, VVD, was in the opposition. In 1982 she returned to office in the First and Second Lubbers Cabinets, as the minister for Transportation and Water Management, a post that she held until 1989. As a minister she was responsible for the privatization of the Post and Telephone Services, as well as the commissioning of the Betuwe-railway.
In 2004 Neelie Kroes was appointed European Commissioner for Competition.
Since February 2010 Neelie Kroes is Vice President responsible for the Digital Agenda at EC.

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