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WHO IS … Markus Schmidt ?

Markus Schmidt is a Paris-based music composer, whose music has been heard in video game titles from publishers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Joowood, as well as on major television networks worldwide, including ABC, TNT, CBS, FOX, HBO and the History Channel. His compositions have been performed by live orchestras and won Best German Game Soundtrack award four times.

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Markus Schmidt accepted to answer to the international survey conducted by the Forum d’Avignon among 100 personalities of the world of culture about the “reasons to hope for culture” :

What is your reason to hope?

Reasons to hope should not come from the outside but from the inside. Letting go of the past, focusing on what is here and now to create something new.

Which initiative, work, personality embodies the best your reason to hope?

Continuing the idea of the answer to question one, the only person who can give you reason to hope is yourself. Hope should not rely or depend on exterior circumstances.