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Who is Marjane Satrapi ?

satrapiInvited to the Forum d'Avignon 2009, Marjane Satrapi participated in the discussion"Culture: thinking for tomorrow." According to her, the culture plays a highly political role in the Greek sense of the term: "I deeply believe in education and the introduction to the art as the only answers against fanaticism." If access to the works should be as broad as possible, remains that art, in creative process, is a form of elitism: we cannot democratize the fact of being an artist! Testifying conditions of the creative process, she emphasized, in its approach, the importance of diverse cultural influences as openness and differentiation factors.

Born in 1969 in Iran in a very progressive family - many of its parents were sent to prison for their support of communism, Marjane Satrapi was sent to Europe to 14. She studied at the French high school in Vienna, then take courses in illustration in Strasbourg. She produced his first comic book, Persepolis, denouncing the Iranian regime. It is foremost the story of a little girl, but behind this story of childhood, there is a universal and right tone that makes us discover a hard historical and political context.

If his comic meets a real success, it is his feature film in black and white, made with Vincent Paronnaud, which confirms its recognition. Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, she received the Jury Prize and received an international success in 2008,  with two Césars and the Oscar for best animated film. Marjane Satrapi is the author of seven comic books.


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