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WHO IS … Laura Cerdan ?

Laura Cerdan is a student. The project Sediments in Seyne was created in 2010 thanks to a device called "Les cordées de la réussite". It is made of eight students, including Laura Cerdan, and a Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Karyne Mouren. This is a local study of sea sediments (led in laboratory), of the releasing process of pollutants, and the potential dangers of this phenomenon. This project finally proposes solutions in response to dredging needs in the harbor of Toulon.

Laura Cerdan won the First prize of communication in the "Olympiades de la Chimie", the first prize "La Chimie, les Jeunes et la Société" awarded by the Union of Teachers of Physics and Chemistry (UDPPC) and the Chemical Society of France (SCF). She was selected to represent France for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and won the first prize in the category "Innovative Techniques". She attended the alternative forum of the water (Marseille) and Science Factor (Orange).


Laura Cerdan accepted to answer to the international survey conducted by the Forum d’Avignon among 100 personalities of the world of culture about the « reasons to hope for culture » :

What is your reason to hope?

Including the young people in the research dynamics, giving rise to vocations (search for solutions).

What initiative, work, person embodies the best your reason to hope?

The organizations enabling the young people to take part in projects, to open to new fields.