Who is Tonjé Bakang?

Tonjé Bakang

Founder & President, Afrostream

Tonjé Bakang is the founder and president of Afrostream, the ‘Netflix of African, African-American, and Caribbean content’, a streaming service intended primarily for European and African markets. Afrostream is a platform offering African content produced by international majors but also by independent distributors who seek an international audience. Before founding Afrostream, Tonjé worked in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years. First in the music industry as a producer of music videos, then as a producer of comedy shows for the theater. He mentored a new generation of ‘coloured’ comedians and launched the ‘stand-up’ format in France, inspired by the ‘Def Comedy Jam’ aired on the American channel HBO. His passion for writing led him to develop a script for a French TV channel and he will use this expertise to produce original content for the Afrostream platform.