Who is Thanh Nghiem?

Thanh Nghiem

Founder, Angenius Institute

Explorer and accelerator, Thanh Nghiem has been engaging over the last 15 years with pioneers to develop solutions focusing on societal impact. Bridging sustainability, accelerated learning and open source models, she gained reputation as "pollinator of ideas".

As serial innovator, eg first woman elected partner at McKinsey in France, then starting eg ASEAN offices, Internet incubators, essential services in emerging markets, Thanh Nghiem had a career but didn't find enough meaning there. So she left the corporate world in 2002 to engage fully in search of societal impact. Since then she has been helping all sorts of activists pushing for positive change in our society, eg global and local NGOs, researchers, open Labs and collectives, Foundations, territories, even governments.

Since 2012 her journey has turned into a leveraged approach to change: mutliple TED talks, innovation programs in France and Vietnam as a large scale pilot for accelerated learning, start-ups and entrepreneurship within communities, open research with interdisciplinary teams like the CRI in Paris, ESCP, HEC, "Bac à Sable" approaches and Corporate Hacking with the corporate innovation teams, etc.