Who is Nicolas Gaume?

Nicolas Gaume

Director of the Developer eXperience division, Microsoft

Former CEO of Kalisto Entertainment, a French video game developer, Nicolas Gaume started his career at the age of 19. A fan of new technologies, this true entrepreneur turned his small Bordeaux-based company into one of the main actors of the video game industry in the nineties. 

At the same time, Nicolas Gaume brought his creativity and expertise to various companies in the sector. He notably helped developing one of the first web agencies in France, WCube, and the project winealley.com in collaboration with Crédit Agricole.

At the beginning of the 2000s, he managed the Parisian office of Ubisoft Entertainment, before founding the Mobile Games & Applications department at Lagardère Active. In 2008, Nicolas Gaume co-founded and managed Mimesis Republic, a company developing services and applications for social networks. Through several positions at professional associations (Member of the executive committee of the Medef, co-founder and Chairman of the National Syndicate of Video Games), Nicolas Gaume has been able to work with a large number of business leaders and thus to understand their concerns.

 Before becoming Director of the Developer eXperience division of Microsoft, Nicolas Gaume was a consultant and an expert in digital strategy for several clients in the media, the investment and the IT industries, including Google.