Who is Hervé Rony?

Hervé Rony

Chief Executive Officer, Scam

Hervé Rony has a PhD in law. His doctoral thesis was on the state of public broadcasting. He started his career in 1989, working first for the French Prime Minister’s office, and then for the CNCL (French National Commission for Communication and Liberties), and the CSA (the French national electronic media regulatory body).  From there, he moved onto the CLT-RTL group, where he served successively as Legal Director, Managing Director of the Maxximum FM radio network, and special advisor to the CEO. He joined the SNEP (French recording industry association) in 1994, and was their Managing Director until 2009.

Mr Rony has been CEO of LaScam since 1 July 2010. LaScam collects and distributes royalties for multimedia authors. It brings together over 37,500 authors and directors of documentaries, reports and magazines on television, radio and the web as well as writers, translators, journalists, photographers and illustrators. In 2013, Lascam collected €102mn.

Mr Rony is also President of FAIR, an organization that provides funding for young performers of contemporary music.