Who is Didier Reynders?

Didier Reynders

Minister for Foreign and European affairs, Belgium

Father of 4 children, Didier REYNDERS was born in Liège on 6th August 1958. In 1981, he obtained a degree in law at the University of Liège. Being a guest lecturer at the Universities of Liège and Louvain, he has never really left academia.

After presiding the Belgian railways and the National Society of Airways, he was elected Deputy Chairman of the PRL (Liberal Party), becoming a Member of Parliament in 1992.

On 12th July 1999, he was appointed Minister of Finance by King Albert II and Deputy Prime Minister on 18th July 2004, and on 23rd December 2007, Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the National Lottery, the Federal Holding and Investment Company and the insurance companies.

He was Chairman of the Mouvement Réformateur from 11th October 2004 until 14th February 2011.

After 12 years at the head of the Finance Department, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs on 6th December 2011.

He has been Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, in charge of Beliris and Federal Cultural Institutions since 11th October 2014.