Who is Cynthia Fleury?

Cynthia Fleury

Professor, researcher / Psychoanalyst, American University of Paris

Cynthia Fleury is a professor, a researcher in political philosophy, and a psychoanalyst.

She is a professor at the American University of Paris and a Research Associate at the Natural History Museum, Paris. She focuses on the tools for democratic regulation. She is the author of several books among which Dialoguer avec l'Orient (PUF, 2003), Les pathologies de la démocratie (Fayard, 2005; Livre de poche 2009), La fin du courage (Fayard, 2010; Livre de poche, 2011), Les irremplaçables (Gallimard, 2015).

She is also a teacher at Ecole Polytechnique and at Sciences Po Paris. She was president of the NGO Europanova and organised the Etats Généraux of Europe (biggest assembly of the European civil society). She is also VP of the Roosevelt collective. She has just been nominated member of the Comité consultatif national d’éthique (CCNE) of which she is the youngest member. She is a founding member of the European network of women philosophers at the UNESCO. As a psychoanalyst, she is the godmother of ICCARRE (new protocol for AIDS treatment) and is a member of the medical/psychological emergency unitof the SAMU (CUMP-Necker). Since 2016, she holds the Research Chair in Philosophy at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris.