Who si Catherine Morin-Desailly?


President of the Commission for Culture, Education and Communication of the Senate

Seine-Maritime Senator since September 26th, 2004, Catherine Morin-Desailly is now President of the Commission for Culture, Education and Communication of the Senate. She was rapporteur for the media budget, and the author of several reports on public service broadcasting and digital technologies. She drafted the opinion on the law proposal aiming at a better guarantee the right to privacy in the digital era.

From 2008 to 2014, she chaired the senatorial study group “Media and new technologies” that organized several debates that led to reports including “The future of radio” (May 5th, 2010), “Net neutrality” (October 26th, 2011), “Taxation in the digital field” (January 26th, 2012), “The societal effects of digital revolution” (July 12th, 2012) and “Regulation in the field of information technology” (January 16th, 2014).

While she was vice-president of the Commission for European Affairs in charge of digital (2011-2014), and was the author of a report on the European governance of digital, released in 2013, entitled “The European union, colony of the digital world”.

Following the PRISM affair and the revelation of the scandal of the control and surveillance of the Internet by the NSA, Catherine Morin-Desailly initiated the creation of a common information mission group on the theme “Which new role and new strategy for the European Union in the global governance of the Internet?”. Very involved on these questions, Catherine Morin-Desailly was appointed rapporteur of this mission which resulted in the publication on July 8th, 2014, of the informative report entitled “Europe rescuing the Internet: democratize the Internet governance relying on a European political and industrial ambition”. 

Crédit photo : © Eric Robert