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WHO IS … Hector Obalk ?

Hector Obalk is a critique d'art, writer and archivist specialized in Art History. He is the director of the documentary GRAND'ART broadcast by ARTE-TV, survey of History of painting (7 episodes till now, DVDs in English, 6 episodes about to come out). He wrote different essays on esthetics, like Aimer Voir (Hazan). He writes chronicles in Elle, Libération and Le Monde Magazine. He makes one-man-shows, with music and video. His TV shows made him popular.

Hector Obalk was already among us for the 2011 edition of the Forum :


Hector Obalk accepted to answer to the international survey conducted by the Forum d’Avignon among 100 personalities of the world of culture about the “reasons to hope for culture” :

What is your reason to hope?

The most precise technology at the disposal of the most neglected heritage.

What initiative, project, person embodies the best your reason to hope?

My works.