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Who is Gloria Friedmann? - « about the human, about today »

As a visual artist, I represent a small cultural company. I work in my studio, alone, with one assistant. My works are not conceived as products of a cultural industry, they are not commercial products.”

Speaker at the closing session of the Forum d’Avignon 2009 “the blossoming of cultures”, Gloria Friedmann admits that the artist cannot be independent of the market organization. “The artist is a part of distribution system, her or his works move from galleries to exhibitions, from country to country”. Referring to the discussions on patronage and sponsorship, she qualifies the support for artist as crucial, necessary for creation, knowing that not all of the artists have this backing. She pointed out that building partnership with firms is quite difficult, but above all “working as artist comes from personal convictions rather than market issues”. Gloria Friedmann stands up a vision of the artist as “a thermometer of the world that shows the temperature of our society”. Art can create links and exchanges in response to contemporary issues.

Committed artist and concerned about environment, Gloria Friedmann displays a humanistic vision by asking the eternal question of the human origin and the arts’ origins. She tries to show the man of today, “to grasp the life in our time” between the uncertainty of future and inaccessible origins. Working sculpture as well as photography, drawing and painting, she wants to question with her work a relation to the word through culture and human nature, with its doubts and wanderings. Gloria Friedmann represents this confrontational relationship by juxtaposing materials and objects depicting mankind and animals with tragic and grotesque scenario.

Internationally well-known, she exhibited among others in 2009 at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and at the Georges Pompidou Center, in 2010 at the Contemporary Art Museum of Saint Etienne and in 2011 at the Conciergerie in Paris.

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