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WHO IS … Gilles Porte ?

Gilles Porte became Director of photography / cinematographer for around twenty feature films.

Quand la mer monte, co-written with the actress Yolande Moreau, is his first feature film as author and director. The film was awarded the French César for best film in 2005.

Since 2005, from all over the world, Gilles Porte is documenting drawings self-portraits, created by children under 6. He also has taken their portraits (photographs) and also filmed the drawing process with a window glass (

After meeting more than 4000 children in 38 countries of all five continents, Gilles published a book, 80 shorts films PORTRAITS/ SELFPORTRAITS and the long movie Draw Yourself: « A window glass tour of the world proposed to children too young yet to read or write... they simply take a place in the frame by drawing a picture of themselves...»

Gilles would like to use numeric process for creating an interactive window and going father with his initiative with is now support by UNESCO.


What is your reason to hope?

An experience around the world showed me that each of us has a creative potential since the childhood. The digital revolution must continue to make the access to culture easier and help viewers to become cultural actors.

Which initiative, work, personality embodies the best your reason to hope?

Le Roi et l’oiseau, by Paul Grimault, Jacques Prévert, the musicians who enter a school with the instruments, the puppeteers, the dancers, the storytellers, the clowns, the actors and all the people who open a window and let a ray enter the room.