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WHO IS … Dominique Wolton ?

Dominique Wolton graduated from the Paris-Sorbonne Law School and from the Institute for Political Sciences, and has a Sociology PhD.

He is the founder and director of Hermès journal, CNRS Editions, Paris since 1988 and the founder and director of the CNRS Institute for Communication Sciences since 2007. He is member of the Board of Directors of France Television Group, Chairman of the Council for Advertisement Ethics and member of the Parliamentary Office Scientific Council for technological and scientific choices assessment.

Before, he was Member of the CNRS Scientific council (2005-2010), Member of the French UNESCO Committee, Member of the Higher Council for the Francophone Countries (2004-2006), Member of the Ethics Committee for the CNRS Program on Sciences (Comets) (1993-2005) and Member of the National Advisory Council for Ethics on Bio and Health Sciences (CCNE) (1997-2005).

Dominique Wolton’s work encompasses 28 monographs; 15 of them were translated into 20 languages in 22 countries since 1983. A total of 50 foreign editions, reissues included.

His last books are Thinking out of the box, 35 years of research, Odile Jacob, 2012 and Information is not communication, CNRS Editions, 2009.