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WHO IS … Ali Dilem ?

Ali Dilem, born in 1967, is an Algerian press cartoonist. He published his cartoons in the Algerien daily newspapers Liberté and in the TV show Kiosque of TV5 Monde.

After the riots of 1988, he started his career at the newspapers Alger Républicain, then at the daily Matin in 1991 before joining Liberté in 1996.

Dilem works in difficult conditions: threatened to death by Islamist groups, he is also harassed by several trials for libel and counts 9 years of prison. In 2005, for example, he was condemned to 6 months of prison for a cartoon published in Liberté on November 29, 2001, in which he denounced the corruption of the Algerian generals after the fatal floods of Bab El-Oued. In 2001, he name was associated to amendments of the Penal Code which provides a series of measures including the imprisonment against journalists who offend the President of the Republic or the army.

His cartoons were rewarded by about twenty international awards including the International Award for Press cartoon in 2001 and Reporter sans frontiers in September 2005, and the Cartoonists Rights Network’s Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning in Denver in June 2006.

Dilem is also a member of the foundation Cartooning For Peace, created by the UN, which  organizes exhibitions and lectures around the world, in response to the Danish cartoons representing Mohammed.


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