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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: PRIZM.

What is your company’s objective?

We are a group of engineers with a passion for music. Our mission is to create the best musical experience at home: a simple push on Prizm, out Hifi chain will play the perfect music by itself. Thanks to a series of sensors within Prizm, the music is adapted to the room’s mood, but also to the musical taste of people in the room.


What challenges do you face in your development? 

Our challenges are mainly technical. We are today alone in the world to create algorithms that allow an object [Prizm] and understand what will happen in the room to intelligently adjust the music.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

To be a cultural entrepreneur, means, for us, to have a desire to make culture more accessible for a larger audience. By creating Prizm and its extremely intuitive physical interface, we make musical streaming accessible for people who do not know how to use a smartphone or a computer.


From left to right : Pierre Gochgarian - Olivier Roberdet - Arthur Eberhardt - Pierre Verdu - Nicolas Escande (copyright Ubithings SAS) 

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