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The journalist Isabelle Repiton writes a focus on startups for Satellifax*. With the authorization of Satellifax*, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Melusyn, a program that facilitates project management during the pre-production phase.

What is your company’s objective?

Melusyn commercialises software for professionals in the audiovisual industry working for fiction in cinema and television. This program facilitates project management during the pre-production phase (preliminary phase before production which is followed by post-production).

Notably, this allows us to manage location hunting, sets, casting, accessories and HMC. The artistic and stage management choices can be validated as a group, all that with a securised keychain accesses.

The use of this program allows us to save an important amount of time that can be then reinvested in « production value ».

What challenges do you face in your development?

Our first challenge is recruiting because the human factor is very determinant for a start-up. We seek to recruit talents with an international profile and that have an affinity with the world of cinema and TV in order to complete our team already composed of eight people (one who is in Los Angeles).

The second challenge that we are currently facing is internationalisation that is needed within a cultural industry. In particular we are looking into the American market.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

Being a cultural entrepreneur, above all things remains about being an entrepreneur like any other and must show perseverance, creativity, innovation and the capacity to attract talents.

The differences compared to a « classical » entrepreneur essentially comes from the profile of culture product or service users. This comes from the fact that cultural industries are prototypical industries where economies of scale that are hard to achieve. This particularly requires a lot of attention because each cultural project is unique and requires a new solution. An adaptation that nevertheless must be aligned with a stable and perennial economic model. 

The Melusyn Team.

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Note to reader : Melusyn is part of the association AENA, l’Association des Entreprises du Numérique pour l’Audiovisuel. Together they published the whitebook « Production 2.0 » which presents the new digital tools developed for the audiovisual industry.  

Discover Melusyn from Melusyn on Vimeo.

Focus on… Melusyn by Isabelle Repiton for Satellifax

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The journalist Isabelle Repiton creates for Satellifax* focus on startups. With the authorization of Satellifax*, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Melusyn, a program that facilitates project management during the pre-production phase