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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: La Dentellière, a digital book house that creates beautiful stories for kids’ tablets. These stories are both art works and a technological innovations.  

What is your company’s objective?

We are digital publishing creators. Our savoir-faire is unique : we create beautiful stories for kids’ tablets. All our stories are both art works and technological innovations for they contain as many code lines as paintbrush strokes, music notes and poetic phrases. Our stories are entirely imagined by artists and they are interactives. Not only are our stories made to be read but they are also created to be experienced ! Our mission is to convey art, magic and dreams to children through their tablets. 

All our stories follow the same code of conduct :

  • Made by artists from scratch: u-illustrators, compositeurs, writers, creative developers... but no marketeurs ! 
  • Children are smart ! Our stories are filled with nuggets for their little brains.
  • No links getting out of the app, no ad of all kind, kids reads and plays safetly – you can even use the plane mode.
  • Created with love ! Our artistes have also children, nephiews, little brothers and sisters… They created these stories as they wanted to offert them.

What challenges do you face in your development? 

We always try to enhance our stories already published and to produce new stories, while staying faithful to our course of action. The first feedbacks of our readers are excellent and the specialised press has noticed us ! From now on, we have to pass the next step, that is to say to reach more readers and parents. We are no big studio with Hollywood marketing budgets ! We rely on word on mounth. Beauty is viral ! If you read those lines, watch our creations and talk about it to your relatives… 

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

To have a whim ! More seriously, it means being capable of putting together business codes and reflexes and those of artists and creators. It is a true translation work but in fine it is a human adventure : help every participant to understand the needs of the others. When it works, it is magical : no more positions, no more oppositions neither ego, everyone puts its gift in service of the project success and the reader ‘s wonderment.

Myriam Prot-Poilvet, la Dentellière’s founder

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