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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: L’Atelier 440 that proposes a music creation practice through CAM (Computer Assisted Music).

What is your company’s objective?

L’Atelier 440, offers courses and practice that are mainly focused on music creation and tools that help musicians create and produce their music. It is not about producing concerts : here its the « product result » an audio file that we can eventually diffuse on the Internet or on CDs.  

The public is varied : children (from 8 years old), teenagers, adults, professional musician who want to complete their training, or amateurs.

Before any composing activity, l’Atelier 440 adresses other motivations such as recording one’s voice or instruments, rearranging existing pieces, or more coventionally, in order to deepen one’s theoretical knowledge, to develop one’s musical ear, etc.

Technology is at the hear of the project, but contrary to conventional wisdom, it is at the service of all musical sensibilities : classical, jazz, traditional music, pop, soul and not just electro ! 

What challenges do you face in your development? 

Mainly, that of raising the awareness of parents, children and teenagers that today there are new ways of doing music that offer satisfaction to beginners pretty quickly. Composing and/or producing music using tools of CAM (Computer Assisted Music) is, at the least, very complementary to the « classical » way of learning music, because it open opportunities for creation, experimentation and to all musical genres.

But also, for other children who experience learning an instrument and musical theory as a very difficult experience, CAM is a wonderful relief that allows them to stay connected to musical practice, even to help them reveal there talent as composers. CAM enables easy organisation of any orchestral score and execution by « virtual instruments » without necessarily needing to master a classical instrument.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

How to define culture ? I would they it is an group of practices that creates a special link between members of a community. I think there are numerous ways of being a « cultural entrepreneur » because there are different role to play: artist, artisan, producer, distributor, teacher. We expect from music composers to invent music that is personal. The composer might wish to convey it in a very cultivated form of writing that requires interpretation from instrumentalists of a very high technical level. But I think that in music the teacher, but also the producer, the distributor, must not focus on the technicalities and the elite composed of virtuose musicians. We are focused on musicians or simple melomanias, in order to render music accessible to everyone, including beginners, which are, in my opinion, the most beautiful way to be a « cultural entrepreneur » in the musical domaine.

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