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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Dualo a new generation of musical instruments, mobile, connected

 What is your company’s objective?

Dualo aims to revolutionize musical practice and learning through a new generation of musical instruments, mobile, connected, all-in-one, intuitive and easy to handle, which allows to have fun quickly without having to study musical theory.

What challenges do you face in your development? 

The main problem we had was to raise enough money to have the time to evangelize, so as to see the sales raising to the breakeven.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

For me it’s a way of thinking as well as acting. For example, it’s developing products or services which allow the customers to wake up, to create, to learn or to open up.  

Dualo's team

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As part of its web series on cultural entrepreneurship, the Forum d’Avignon is proud present each week exciting stories on cultural start-ups. 

This project is part of the Forum d’Avignon’s on-going work, in line with its 2015 agenda, on the ‘hybridization of economic models in cultural and on the manifesto on cultural entrepreneurship in creative industries (to be published soon). 

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For you, what does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?