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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce : Culture Time, an online platform to support non-profit arts and culture projects.

What is your company’s objective? offers to support non-profit arts and culture projects, giving the opportunity to anyone to become a patron in arts and culture, from 10 euros and with 3 clics.

On, museums, art centers, orchestras, concert halls, festivals, … which are willing to develop new financial resources, through an improved relationship with their audience, can connect with new individuals ready to support their projects. Thanks to the digital and the crowdfunding revolution, a broader access can be provided to a popular support in arts and culture, transforming the “patron” status into something simple, easy and exciting: « like and support now!».

It’s all very simple now, and your positive action gives you a lot to enjoy! The reward-based crowdfunding for non-profit art and culture is growing extremely fast. This new system benefits from the extraordinary potential of synergies carried by projects, virtually enabling anyone to become an actor of the arts, education and common goods, to which they give great interest and care. 

What challenges do you face in your development? opened in May 2014, and challenges are numerous for a start-up in a growing process!

First, we want to expand into new areas, beyond the arts and culture, to address the expectations of the civic society for more interactions, and also to the growing financial needs of non-profit organisations. We intend to develop into the areas of science, education, editing, research.

We recently launched a specific donation module for SBE-SME, and we are now working on additional interactive modules such as online vote, as well as other crowdsourcing and interactive functionalities.

After that, we intend to develop new mobile devices and European expansion. 

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

A cultural entrepreneur is about mixing innovation and passion, anticipating users’ expectations and the professional organisations needs, all this embracing a new vision of tomorrow’s relationship to arts and culture. It’s about connecting people, ideas, tools and functionalities, knowledge and numbers, in the perspective of better innovation and relevancy. 

Culture Time: Thérèse Lemarchand, Jean-Noël Juston and Laurence Boursican.

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The web series : we’re interviewing cultural start-ups – Contact us!

As part of its web series on cultural entrepreneurship, the Forum d’Avignon is proud to present each week exciting stories on cultural start-ups.

This project is part of the Forum d’Avignon’s on-going work, in line with its 2015 agenda, on the ‘hybridization of economic models in cultural and on the manifesto on cultural entrepreneurship in creative industries (to be published soon).

To participate and promote your cultural start-up on the Forum d’Avignon’s website: please send to the address

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                        - What is your current challenge?

                        - For you, what does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?