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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Booxup an app that aims at facilitating the sharing of books.

What is your company’s objective?

Booxup aims at facilitating the sharing of books by creating what would be "the world's largest library". This idea of sharing books comes from the acknowledgment that most of the books people have at home are used only once, and this is a complete economic, environmental, social and cultural waste.

Booxup is a mobile app dedicated to printed books sharing which is available in the App Store since March, 2015. Thanks to booxup, people can show the books they're willing to share, see other users' books and get in touch with them to share books, or other things. So far, booxup has gathered 10,000 users and references more than 30,000 books in 20+ languages.

What challenges do you face in your development? 

Our main challenge is to reach a critical number of users in France, which is of the order of hundred of thousands users. Concerning our development abroad, we see one million users of the app as a first level to reach.

Another challenge for us is to communicate about booxup without being associated to any negative controversy, and thus to prove that disruption is an opportunity and a path for growth for the book industry.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

We think that there's no distinguish to be done between entrepreneurs. Creating a company is always a journey, and it is certainly even more interesting when dealing with cultural issues (which we think are a great path for growth for the next decade). We are all under the same constraints, whether they are administrative or related to the competition that exists between digital startups.

Furthermore, on a more "jingoist" point of view, we'd like to show that innovation on the books industry can also come from Europe, and not only from the USA.

Les fondateurs de Booxup : David Mennesson et Robin Sappe.

Photo credit: Thomas Sappe.

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