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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Book Weather an application, which eases the search for new books corresponding to your taste. 

What is your company’s objective?

Our goal is to enable each of us to discover new books corresponding to their own taste. In order to achieve it we created an application named Book Weather where:

- users inform books they read and appreciated or not,

- the app advice ‘influencers’, ie other people having same literature tastes  

- tastes and influencers’ advices is a way to discover new books or to build an opinion on a book.

Apart from that digital device, we offer a more concrete service: you may subscribe to the Books Box and receive at home - at the frequency you choice – a book you have never read and that will please.

What challenges do you face in your development? 

Today we are facing two challenges:

- after two years of tests and feedbacks on our iOS version, we launch our new first multiplatform version (iOS, Android and Web). Then we all restart – functionality, ergonomy, design etc – and our Beta version is available since today.

- The Books Box launch, scheduled for Christmas, is also a new challenge: distribution, packaging, supplies, delivery delay.

What does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

This project, which was born in a communication agency, originates from our need for a product and service having values and being a true service to consumers.

We have been through several iterations before reaching what Book Weather is today: a network of people having common literature tastes so that each may influence the other.

With the Books Box we offer an added service: the direct delivery of a book at home.

Being a cultural entrepreneur means in our case bringing a new solution so that people find books they appreciate. We want people to read more or at least still keep on reading and loving it. Reading make you more opened-minded, make you understand and ponder. It is a break in our hyperconnected world. A necessary and good break.

François Rochet (President), et Vivien Ripoche (developer)

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Application :

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