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Web Review - 8/11/2013 (by Euronews)

Education: how educational system faces globalization and digitizing ? 

Facing globalization and digitizing, eductional systems have to evolve and fit this new environment. Discover the new educational models. 

Morocco aims for a 21st century education system

What do Moroccan students think of their education system? Is there really an education crisis in Morocco? And what is the government doing to end illiteracy, improve educational access for girls and women, and overcome language barriers in this multi-cultural society?



Educating the world from top to bottom

Education around the world is changing and flourishing. From some of the best academic institutions with worldwide reputations to the smallest and most isolated places on earth, students are pushing the limits like never before. 



The lessons of tweeting; learning from social media

Social media is extremely popular, especially with young people. As a result the education world is exploring how that success can be used in the classroom. But while students might think it is a good idea, some parents wonder if having fun on Facebook really can teach their children anything useful. 



German education: from bureaucracy to philosophy

This edition of Learning World goes to Germany to explore the different education systems available, depending on your address, your abilities and your parents’ convictions.




Culture: Which future for museums ? 


New air for museums

The precious relics on show in our museums provide us with a unique connection to the past which might otherwise be lost. But these remains are fragile, and the danger is not always visible. Airborne pollutants are among the threats. They are invisible, destructive and rarely detected.    



Marseille unveils long awaited MuCEM

The eagerly anticipated Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) opens this week in the southern French city of Marseille, this year’s European capital of culture.



Street art takes centre stage in London exhibition

An exhibition called “Urban Masters” is underway in east London featuring the works of the world’s best street artists of the moment. British street artist Zeus showed a piece called “Love, Crash, Burn”.