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Web review - 31/10/14

From Cartier to Louis Vuitton and Pathé, 30 years of cultural foundations that make Paris shine

Whether they deal with contemporary art or cinema, all projects of cultural foundation share a common utopia: that no artist, film, collection or business plan should disappear without having left a significant trace that would enrich the Parisian heritage.

Vuitton Foundation, FIAC… The French cultural offer considered abroad

Paris remains one of the first international places for contemporary art according to the correspondents of the foreign press in the French capital. 

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Further information with the interview of Christophe Rioux “Art is like Botox for luxury houses” in Le Monde of October 24th.


« The public must live an emotional experience » according to Suzanne Pagé, artistic director of the Louis Vuitton Foundation

After thirty-three years at Paris’ Museum of Modern Art, Suzanne Pagé became in 2006 the artistic director the Louis Vuitton Foundation, which has just opened.

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Alain Dominique Perrin : from Cartier to contemporary art

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Cartier Foundation, Alain Dominique Perrin, founder and president of the cultural institution, comes back to his vision of private patronage and provides an irresistible analysis on art and luxury. An exclusive meeting. 

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The Seydoux-Pathé Fondation, a temple for the silent films 

The Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation opened on September 10th in Paris. Nestled in a surprising building designed by Renzo Piano, it houses exceptional archives and a cinema.

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What donors value ? 

How community foundations can increase donor satisfaction, referrals, and future giving? The CEP study held in 2014 points that community impact and community leadership are crucial contributors to donor satisfaction—and even more important  to donors than the foundations’ financial practices.

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Photo credit : Olevy